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Key Stage 4

Fairley House are now offering Key Stage 4.  Please see the details below.

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Children who cannot read and write as easily as their peers can feel they are stupid, lose confidence and self esteem and so give up. Children feel stigmatised when withdrawn from class for extra help at their existing schools, or discouraged by doing easier work than others.

At Fairley House, we believe the solution is to give your child a level playing field; a school where everyone has similar difficulties.Through succeeding, some for the first time in their schooling, children can recapture their self-esteem and confidence.

After two or three years most return successfully to mainstream schools.
Time and again I have seen the combination of insightful assessment, individual teaching and specialised therapy work its magic on our children.

Through this, the trajectory of their lives is altered. What once seemed impossible is no longer so. Having worked for over ten years in the field of dyslexia and dyspraxia, I understand just how wonderful that is for parents and children alike.

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