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Comments from current staff

“What I love most about working at FHS is the team approach to helping our pupils. I believe that this holistic approach of looking at the whole child is what makes us so successful at achieving our ultimate aim, which is to get them back into mainstream schooling, equipped with all the strategies they need to flourish. I find it very insightful to work with a child across different contexts (such as within a speech and language therapy session, a Writing lesson, a Reading lesson or within lunchtime clubs) and this is what enables me, as a speech and language therapist, to be able to ensure that the skills that I am working on are functional to the child within all of their lessons, throughout the school day. I love working collaboratively with the very talented and creative teachers here to plan and co-teach lessons together, where we are both working towards the same common goals.

The children here are also inspirational. Often they have had very difficult experiences of education prior to coming here, where learning has been such a challenge and they sometimes have a very low opinion of themselves. However, they are very brave and resilient and willing to give learning another go, and it is amazing to see them succeed and recognise their achievements for themselves. We quickly see their self-esteem soar as they realise what they are capable of and this gives them the confidence to take more risks with their learning”.


“I was on my way home from a parents evening and was yet again reminded how fortunate I am to be working at Fairley House. After a particularly emotional meeting, I left close to tears when a mother described how much her daughter had flourished since being at the school. On a daily basis I know that I am contributing to unlocking the potential of children who previously have seen themselves as a failure. I work alongside a fantastic team and together I know we make such a difference to our students and their families, giving them a safe haven in which they can achieve their potential”.